Writer and elephant expert Dr Johan Marais, (GBVSc. MSc. Equine and Wildlife Surgeon)

believes that the largest elephants in the world can be found in the Tembe National Elephant Park. The largest of these were Isilo, Mkadebona and Siqualo. Isilo, the biggest of them all, died in 2015 of natural causes and is thought to have been about 50 years old, to weigh about seven metric tons, and to stand 3,2 metres tall. His tusks were about 2.5 metres long (8.2 feet) and weighed more than 60 kgs. (132 lbs). Visit Tembe and you could be lucky enough to spot the next generation of magnificent Tembe tuskers.

The best place in Southern Africa to see ivory elephants, in my opinion, is Tembe Elephant Park. Nowhere else have I seen so many bulls with such good ivory.” Dr. Johan Marais, author of ‘Great Tuskers of Africa’ and ‘Ïn Search of Africa’s Great Tuskers

The Tembe Tusker Foundation was instituted to raise funds to extend the reserve to boost the elephant carrying capacity of Tembe, as one of the most valuable reservoirs of the Big Tusker gene pool in Africa.